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Are you looking to find out more about GTA Online’s Bunkers? We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know in this guide.

gta online bunker guide

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After its initial launch in 2013, GTA V’s multiplayer-addition, GTA Online, has become arguably the most significant game in Grand Theft Auto’s incredible history.

With Take-Two Interactive recently announcing that GTA Online has now sold over 135 million copies, the five-million copies sold during Q1 2020 have succeeded any other quarter since its initial launch.

Although this may be partly due to COVID-19, there’s no doubt that the continual significant updates provided to fans across the world are enabling GTA Online to evolve into one of the most incredible games of all time.

As we look ahead to the future, there’s still no confirmed sightings of GTA 6 on the horizon.

However, with the upcoming launch of the next-generation consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Take-Two has promised: “A range of technical improvements, visual upgrades, and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware”.

For the next-gen consoles, GTA Online will become a standalone release, as well as receiving exclusive updates and content.

PS5 owners are due to get the game for free in the three-months following its release, and PS Plus subscribers will get 1-million GTA dollars every month you play the GTA Online before the PS5 release date.

One of Rockstar’s most exceptional updates to the current-gen GTA Online was the Gunrunning DLC, which completely revolutionized the game.

hard parked stance

With this new DLC came a tremendous amount of content, with Bunkers becoming one of the most sought-after features.

Although we could be here all day explaining why the update is worthwhile, some of the most significant features were the Mobile Operations Center (MOC), Gunrunning Business, 750 new clothing items, a wide variety of new weapons, and over 19 new vehicles.

Among the cars included was the impressive Dewbauchee Vagner, which earned its spot in our Fastest Cars In GTA Online guide.

Alongside these updates were the addition of Bunkers, and in this guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at everything you need to know to make the most of this impressive feature in GTA Online.

What Are Bunkers, And How Do They Work?

As you may have guessed, the Bunkers in GTA provide a massive underground, Former Military facility base.

Bunkers are capable of being provided with living quarters and storage, which will also provide room for your MOC.

There are also workshops, which is where you’ll be able to carry out research, allowing you to customize and upgrade your weapons and vehicles.

After receiving the introductory phone call from Agent 14, you’ll have eleven Bunkers available to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures, and Agent 14 will provide you with a guided tour to explain the features.

Upon purchasing a Bunker, MC, VIP, CEO, or President Players will gain access to the Gunrunning Business, enabling you to run illegal weaponry trafficking operations throughout Los Santos and Blaine Country.

We wouldn’t typically expect a Gunrunning Business to be your primary source of income, and we wouldn’t use it as a replacement for other business ventures, such as Import/Export, or running crates.

However, a Bunker is extremely useful since it’ll provide a passive income by taking supplies and converting them into stock, which you can sell over time.

If you’re short on time, it may be worth swapping your Biker business for a Gunrunning business, since it provides a similar business method, but with more substantial investments and returns.

Unlike the Biker business, the Bunker typically only requires one vehicle for a ‘Sell Mission,’ leaving less chance that someone will stumble upon your unguarded product before destroying it.

Don’t expect to use Gunrunning as a get-rich-quick scheme, especially to begin with, as it’s always a good idea to use your initial profits to fast-track your research.

For regular players, we see the Bunker as a must-have feature in the game, allowing you to upgrade your weaponized vehicles, research further improvements, and also enhance your weapons to their MK2 variants.

It’s vital to remember that the single most crucial feature of a Bunker is going to be its location. So, let’s take a look at them now.

Bunker Locations

If you’d rather watch a video, describing the locations of the Bunkers found in GTA Online, then check out the video below.

We’ve also provided a brief description below to help you track them down.

Chumash Bunker

Head beyond the North-West side of Barbareno Road, before reaching Chumash

Farmhouse Bunker

In Grand Senora Desert, the Farmhouse Bunker resides South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Grand Senora Desert Bunker

You can find this beyond the West side of Sandy Shores Airfield Runway

Grand Senora Oilfields Bunker

Head past the dead-end dirt road that’s connected to Joshua Road

Grapeseed Bunker

Venture beyond the West side of McKenzie Field airstrip, accessed from the dirt road off Grapeseed Main Street

Lago Zancudo Bunker

Head to Fort Zancudo, and this Bunker is on the west side

Paleto Forest Bunker

Found on the West side of Procopio Promenade, as you approach Paleto Cove

Raton Canyon Bunker

Located between Calafia Road’s bridge and the Calafia Train Bridge, you can access this from the Cassidy Trail

Route 68 Bunker

West of Joshua Road, north of Route 68 Approach in the Grand Senora Desert

Smoke Tree Road Bunker

Located next to Smoke Tree Road and Nowhere Road in Grand Senora Desert

Thomson Scrapyard Bunker

North-East of Thomson scrapyard in the Grand Senora Desert

Mafia’s Secret Bunker

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can also hunt down the mafia’s secret bunker, as shown in this video guide:

Best Value For Money Bunkers – Which Should I Buy?

As with most property in GTA Online, you only have the option to purchase one Bunker, so make sure you choose wisely.

You’ll want to plan for this and decide which Bunker best aligns with your long-term goals.

Here are four of the most popular Bunkers in GTA Online, and why they’re often the personal choice for players.

Chumash Bunker – $1.65M

Many GTA Online players choose Chumash thanks to its convenient location between the city, country, and several mission locations within the game, it’s also located close to an Ammu-Nation and clothes store.

For this reason, Chumash can be beneficial for those of you that frequently find themselves switching between business and other activities.

It’s also easily accessed from the highway, unlike some other Bunker locations.

But, we’ll warn you - make sure you approach it carefully, or you may end up driving off the cliff, leaving your stock in the ocean.

Believe us when we say that this is hugely annoying when it happens!

Farmhouse Bunker – $2.37M

Farmhouse Bunker is the most expensive in the game, so it’s certainly not for everyone.

It’s main positive is the rural location, which means you won’t frequently have to fight off other players, yet is still conveniently accessed from the highway.

You can also form a Helicopter/Hydra spawn outside, which can be useful.

Its main downside is the dirt road leading to it, which can be a pain in larger vehicles, the surrounding fence can also become annoying when approaching with the Oppressor.

For the money, it’s probably not going to be the best choice unless your pockets are overflowing with cash since you’re not going to reap many additional benefits.

Raton Canyon Bunker – $1.45M

Raton Canyon is the second cheapest Bunker in the game, and its price-tag combined with its secluded location may make it an appealing proposition for many gamers.

The surrounding mountains can make this perfect for aerial approach and descent, providing some useful additional security.

Despite being in a mountainous area, it still offers convenient access to the highway, yet it is just out of the way of anyone likely to give you any hassle.

Given that this isn’t typically a popular choice, so it may well be the perfect solution to your needs.

Route 68 – $1.95M

Given its location, Route 68 is often a love/hate choice since you’re likely to receive a lot of hassle from other players.

Here, you can expect gunfights to take place right outside the entrance at the cost of having a convenient location.

For us, we typically opt for a more secluded location. Alternatively, Chumash is still in a functional area, but with less hassle on your doorstep than Route 68.

Best Bunker to Buy in GTA Online

Although some players may have personal reasons for preferring other bunkers, we feel that the closer your Bunker is to Los Santos, the better.

Given that you can sell your weapons for the highest profit at Ammu-Nation in Los Santos, it’s somewhere that we find ourselves spending a lot of our time, which is why we believe that the Chumash Bunker is the best all-rounder.

If you’ve got plenty of cash to splash, you can also consider upgrading the Personal Quarters, which will enable you to spawn here conveniently.

With a price tag of just $1,650,000, we feel that you will struggle to do better than the Chumash Bunker, especially given its proximity to the highway - but ensure you don’t go driving off the cliff!

Bunker Customization

Once you’ve built up your balance, and some spare cash to splash, there’s a variety of additional Bunker customizations.

Bunker Style

If you’re tired of the look of your Bunker’s interior, then you’ll be able to choose from two additional options to kit it out how you’d like it.

However, these styles do come at a price: $215,000, or $290,000, to be precise.

It’s probably not going to be the most vital upgrade, but it may be worth considering if you end up spending a lot of time in your Bunker.

Personal Quarters

These make for a convenient spawn location, but if that’s not much use, then this is mostly a cosmetic addition, and for $265,000, it may not be worth the cost for your needs.

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range is one of the most common and practical additions to your Bunker.

shooting range black red

As you’ve probably guessed, this allows you to practice with manually-aimed weaponry, and comes with a choice of either black/red targets, at $740,000, or a white/red alternative at $845,000.

Another benefit of the Shooting Range is that you’re able to take on challenges to unlock additional in-game weapons.

Gun Locker

For $175,000, you can get yourself this useful weapon storage unit.


With this upgrade, you get a tuned golf buggy to navigate your way around the Bunker. There are two options to choose from, Caddy 1, at $85,000, or Caddy 2, at $120,000.


In all honesty, we’ve found them a bit of a gimmick, that isn’t any quicker than navigating on foot. However, they are excellent for getting stuck in corridors, Austin Powers style.

Bunker Business Upgrades

If you’re wanting to ensure that your Bunker is producing money as quickly as possible, then Business Upgrades are the way to go.

Upgrading your business allows you to achieve optimal speed and security when it comes to manufacturing weapons.

However, it will cost you a pretty penny, which means it’ll take a while to see any real profit.

Equipment Upgrade

At the cost of $1,155,000, this upgrade will provide superior research and manufacturing times, while also improving the value of your stock.

Staff Upgrade

As you’ve guessed, this enables you to hire more staff, therefore providing further increased research and manufacturing times.

Since this upgrade costs $598,500, yet it can provide substantial profits, it’s typically the first upgrade that people choose.

Security Upgrade

Despite being just $351,000, this is often the least favored upgrade, mainly due to not providing return profits, unlike the other two – this does offer a useful CCTV system, though.

If you skimp on the Security Upgrade, it can feel like a worthwhile saving – until the day your stock gets stolen by your rivals.

Although the Security Upgrade can be a useful addition, Equipment, along with Staff, are often seen as the two vital early upgrades to your Bunker to ensure that it’s producing optimal profits.

Bunker Research vs. Production/Manufacturing

Once you’ve settled into your Bunker, you’ll need to complete the first mission to get supplies before providing your staff with two options: Work on Production/Manufacturing or Research.

By carrying out research, you’ll gain access to an array of new options, such as MOC upgrades, military vehicle equipment upgrades, and a variety of additional options for your current weapons stash that wouldn’t otherwise be available in the game.

Research typically takes around 4-6 hours, and given that there are over 45 projects to research, this can take some time.

A standard Bunker generates one research unit every 5 minutes. However, a fully upgraded Bunker will produce 1 unit every 3.5 minutes, requiring a total of 3.5 hours to fill the research bar.

Alternatively, you can also use ‘Fast Tracking,’ where you’re able to research a specific project right away, providing you’re willing to pay the price, and at $225,000, it’s certainly not cheap. There’s also a three-minute cooldown period once the research is complete.

Once you’ve done sufficient research, it’s time to move on to production/manufacturing, which is where you’ll use your supplies to manufacture weapons that you’ll be able to sell.

If you’ve fully upgraded the staff and equipment, you’ll be able to sell 100 units of arms outside of Blaine County for over $1M, leaving you with a potential profit of $675,000, which you could then put towards three more research ‘Fast Tracks’.

If you wish to ‘Fast Track’ all of the projects, this is likely to set you back around $10M, which sounds a lot, but now that you’ve streamlined the process, you’ll be pulling in fantastic profits.

Bunker Supplies

Supplies are vital when it comes to research or production/manufacturing, and you’ll be able to buy 20 supply units for $15,000, or fill up your bar for $75,000.

Alternatively, you can also earn supplies by completing missions, with solo missions providing 20 supplies, with bigger groups offered the potential to make an additional 20.

Doing the missions as part of a larger group can often be worthwhile, especially for the more challenging tasks.

In a standard Bunker, a full bar of supplies will last around 1 hour and 40 minutes, where a fully-upgraded Bunker will provide 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is one of many reasons that make the Bunker Upgrades worthwhile.

Potential Bunker Profits

With a fully upgraded Bunker, you have the potential to make $90k per hour.

Although this is significantly less than crates, or Import/Export, it’s a passive income that can be earned alongside them to boost your finances.

Passive income is the best part of the Bunker, that while you’re out earning active income through jobs, the Bunker employees are still hard at work to bring in even more cash.

As any businessman will tell you, generating multiple streams of income is always a winner.

If you’re running Bunker/MC businesses, you can potentially end up making $4.2M per day in profits, with as little as two hours spent on sales.

Remember that selling outside of Blaine County offers superior profits, with just $5-7,000 per unit in Blaine County, but with the potential to earn $7,500-10,000 in Los Santos.

Bunker Stock Time

When it comes to producing stock to sell, your Bunker is capable of creating (and storing) 100 units of stock while you’re playing GTA Online, but not if you’re playing the Story Mode of the game.

With a standard Bunker, you’ll create one unit every ten minutes, requiring 17 hours to fill your Bunker, with each unit worth $5,000 in Blaine County, and $7.5K across the border.

With a fully-upgraded Bunker, that becomes one unit every seven minutes, and a total time of 12 hours, with each stock worth $7K in Blaine County, and $10.5K outside.

Selling Bunker Stock

Once you’ve created sufficient stock from your supplies, it’s time to sell it to the prospective buyers.

These missions work similarly to the MC Club Business sell missions, where you’ll need to deliver packages across Blaine County, or beyond if you’re looking to earn additional money.

Sounds easy enough? Right? Well, Rockstar thought so too, so they’ve provided you with just fifteen minutes to deliver all of your stock, except for one mission, which will allow thirty.

For those of you with a fully-upgraded Bunker, you’ll be able to sell your stock Solo, provided it’s under $175,000-worth of goods.

If you’ve got a standard Bunker, then the limit is $125,000-worth of goods.

If your stock is beyond these price brackets, then additional players will be required to help you shift the goods.

When opting for an easy life, you can sell within Blaine County. However, for maximum profits, you’ll want to head to Los Santos, where you’ll be capable of earning an additional 50% profit.

If you manage to deliver all of your stock in a busy GTA Online session, you can expect to earn additional bonuses, where you can eventually earn up to $2.1M in a single run, as shown in this video:

Bunker sell missions:

  • Dune FAV
  • Insurgent
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Customs
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Customs ambushed by Merryweather
  • Marshall
  • Phantom Wedge

How To Sell GTA Online Bunker

Unfortunately, you’re not able to sell any of your property within GTA Online without making a significant loss.

If you’re desperate to switch locations, your best option is going to be trading your Bunker for another one in a different area.

Doing so isn’t going to be an ideal investment, since you’ll lose any Upgrades you’ve made to your existing Bunker, along with any additional Customizations.

You’ll also lose all of your supplies, stock, and unfinished research.

The only positive is that you’ll receive 50% of your initial purchase price back, but it’s still a substantial price to pay.

For this reason, it echos what we said initially, that location is the most crucial consideration you need to think about when planning which GTA Online Bunker is going to be best suited for your needs.

We’ve seen so many GTA fans asking how they can sell their Bunker, so make sure that you choose wisely initially, to avoid making the costly mistake further down the line.


Although purchasing a Bunker certainly isn’t cheap, it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment that’ll completely transform your GTA Online experience.

There’s a vast array of additional benefits that come with the Bunker.

Once fully upgraded, it can be an impressive way to generate a passive income while you manually generate extra income within the game.

If you’re a regular player, then a Bunker is a must-have purchase, as it’ll allow you to upgrade your weaponized vehicles.

Bunkers also enable you to upgrade and enhance your current weapons and even unlock additional weaponry that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

On top of that, it also offers you the chance to unlock additional benefits such as the Shooting Range, where you’ll be able to undertake missions, enable you to unlock further weapons.

Although the Bunkers vary wildly in price, we’ve mentioned several times that location is the most vital element here, and making the right choice will ensure that you don’t regret your purchase further down the line, as switching your Bunker isn’t convenient.

So, if you don’t have the money yet, it’s time to get saving, as the Bunker is undoubtedly going to be a worthwhile investment for your GTA Online experience.

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