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10/27/202127th October, 2021
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Have you seen the bargain price tag of Cosmis Wheels and left wondering if they’re too good to be true? We’ve got the answers in this guide.

cosmis wheels

Introduction & Cosmis Wheels FAQ

If you’re a drifting fan, you would’ve undoubtedly seen Cosmis Racing becoming an increasingly common sight in the community.

Given that drifters are known for getting a little too friendly with walls, it’s easy to see why cheaper wheels are such a common sight at drift competitions.

350z nissan k sport coilovers cosmis racing xt 206r black

Displayed on some of the most prestigious cars in the Formula Drift series, such as Dean Kearney’s insane Dodge Viper, it goes to prove that they’re capable of being pushed to the extremes.

If that’s not already convincing enough, perhaps this test will prove the true capabilities:

Although they come with a tempting price tag, they still provide quality wheels at a fraction of the price of the premium alternatives on the market.

So, before we show you their extensive range of wheels to suit just about any needs, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked Cosmis Racing Wheels questions:

Who is Cosmis Racing?

Cosmis Racing first arrived on the scene in 2011 to a somewhat skeptical market.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than seeing a cheap wheel that bends or even smashes to pieces at first sight of a pothole.

When drifting enthusiasts see wheels with what seems like a too-good-to-be-true price tag, their suspicions can quite often be correct.

supra toyota tein coilovers cosmis racing xt 005r white

Thankfully, Cosmis Wheels take a different approach, offering wheels capable of withstanding even the harshest elements that they’re likely to meet, even when pushed to their limits at the track.

Admittedly, no wheel is invincible, but it’s safe to say that their range has withstood pretty damn well to their extensive range of abuse that they’ve put them through:

Are Cosmis Wheels Reps?

A common question is whether Cosmis Racing Wheels are “reps,” and thankfully, unlike most lower-budget companies, we’re pleased to inform you that they’re not!

Despite their entry-level price tag that is commonly associated with poor quality wheels, Cosmis’ goal is to bridge the gap in the market, providing unique designs and durability for an affordable price.

When it comes to sourcing quality wheels on a budget, you’ll struggle to get more for your money than what Cosmis Wheels offer.

Are Cosmis Wheels Any Good?

It’s hard not to like a brand that offers unique, aggressive designs and impressive durability along with an affordable price tag.

With a wide range of styles, designs, fitments, and colors available, there’s likely to be a wheel to suit just about any requirement.

fr s scion air lift performance air suspension cosmis racing xt 206r black

While they’re not going to match the quality found in some of the premium alternatives, such as Work Wheels, there’s no question that they’re far more affordable.

Let’s face it – not every wheel brand is willing to fire weaponry and drop their wheels from a ridiculous height to prove their case in point when it comes to being pushed to the limit!

Are Cosmis Wheels Lightweight?

Cosmis Racing provides aluminum-based wheels to the market, providing fantastic prices by not opting for fancy materials and technologies.

Unique features such as integrated rigidity “ribs” in the inner wheel, which help provide enhanced structural integrity, prove that durability was more of a priority than weight-saving, and we can’t complain about that.

While they’re not the lightest (or heaviest) wheels on the market, you’ll likely need to dig deeper into your budget if weight is one of your primary priorities.

350z nissan bc racing coilovers cosmis racing xt 006r gunmetal

Cosmis Wheels do several things exceptionally well, and in this case, it’s finding an optimal balance between weight, durability, and performance.

With that said, if you can get your hands on their seemingly discontinued “R1 Pro” range, they have opted for flow-forming technology, providing a combination of wheel casting and forging to provide their lightest wheel to date.

While currently out of stock with suppliers, we hope to see the R1 return shortly, along with some exciting new wheels in their flow-forming line-up.

Cosmis Racing Wheel Range

Now that you’ve gained a thorough understanding of the company and its procedures, it’s time to check out the exceptional value wheel range that Cosmis Racing has to offer.

Cosmis Wheels MRII

cosmis racing mrii hyper bronze 18x9 15mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 17×8 | 17×9 | 18×8.5 | 18×9.5 | 18×10.5
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3 | 6×114.3
  • Color options: Black | Gun Metal | Hyper Bronze | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels MRII

Cosmis description: “Cosmis Racing’s MR-II wheel remains popular because of its stylish, subtle, yet very simple design that any car fitted with these wheels will instantly look beautiful - but it won’t draw attention to itself just like some of the more aggressive wheels in their line-up.”

“The MR-II split 6-spoke design is perfect for the individual who likes style but resents showing-off. A wheel for connoisseur’s if you will.”

Cosmis Wheels MR7

cosmis racing mr7 gun metal 18x9 25mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 18×9 | 18×10
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3
  • Color options: Black | Gun Metal | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels MR7

Cosmis description: “The Cosmis MR-7 is a curved 7 spoke wheel. It features spokes that protrude past the lip, giving an extra aggressive appearance.”

“The MR7’s concavity increases the appeal of the wheel without being too aggressive in offset. The MR7 is available in an 18×9 and 18×10 size.”

Cosmis Wheels N5R

cosmis racing n5r hyper black 17x9 15mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 17×9 | 18×9
  • PCD options: 5×114.3
  • Color options: Hyper Black
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels N5R

Cosmis description: “The N5R is a 5 spoke concave design with a modern yet subtle aesthetic. Coming in with 17 and 18-inch variants, all at 9 inches wide with a +15 offset.”

“These could fit multiple cars and applications not just our usual drifting customer base.”

Cosmis Wheels R1

cosmis racing r1 black 18x9 5 35mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 18×9.5 | 18×9.5 | 18×10.5 | 19×9.5
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3 | 5×120
  • Color options: Black | Hyper Bronze | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels R1

Cosmis description: “The Cosmis R1 is designed with performance in mind. The 12-spokes feature stepped spoke edges and a one-of-a-kind barrel to spoke design.”

“It was especially designed around the big brake kits that Brembo makes for sports cars and supercars.”

Cosmis Wheels S1

cosmis racing s1 white milled spokes 18x10 5 5mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 18×9.5 | 18×10.5
  • PCD options: 5×114.3
  • Color options: Hyper Bronze | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels S1

Cosmis description: “Style often comes with attention. If you crave both, the Cosmis S1 is the perfect wheel for your ride. With an aggressive 32° spoke angle on the 18×10.5 model, the S1’s 6-spokes doesn’t get any more concave than this!”

“You would be hard pressed to find something as aggressive, stylish, and durable.”

Cosmis Wheels S5R

cosmis racing s5r gun metal 17x10 22mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 17×9 | 17×10
  • PCD options: 5×114.3
  • Color options: Black | Gun Metal | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels S5R

Cosmis description: “We pay homage to one of the first wheels Cosmis has made, the S5R. It is a classic split 5-spoke wheel with a concave profile for added aggressiveness.”

“It reminds us of the wheels that came standard with the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and the Ferrari F430. Only the S5’s come in more color options, and a more aggressive rim-past-the-lip profile.”

Cosmis Wheels XT-005R

cosmis racing xt 005r black machined lip milled spokes 18x10 20mm 5x120

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 18×9 | 18×10 | 20×9.5
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3 | 5×120 | 6×139.7
  • Color options: Black | Black w/Machined Lip & Milled Spokes | Gun Metal w/Machined Lip | Hyper Bronze | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-005R

Cosmis description: “The Cosmis xT-005R is a classic 5 spoke wheel with a deep lip design.”

“It comes in anything from a solid deep gloss black to an anodized red face with milled spoke edges and a machine polished lip. It is currently offered in 2 sizes 18×9 and an 18×10.”

Cosmis Wheels XT-006R

cosmis racing xt 006r hyper red wheel 18x11 8mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 18×9 | 18×9.5 | 18×11
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3
  • Color options: Black w/Machined Lip | Gun Metal w/Machined Lip | Hyper Bronze | Hyper Gold | Hyper Red
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-006R

Cosmis description: “The Cosmis XT-006R is a 6 spoke wheel with a step lip design. It features debossed lettering around the lip and a unique step down spoke design.”

“The style of the XT-006R is aggressive and it will make your ride stand out in a crowd.”

Cosmis Wheels XT-206R

cosmis racing xt 206r hyper gold wheel 18x11 8mm 5x114 3

  • Size options (Diameter x Width): 17×8 | 17×9 | 18×9.5 | 18×11 | 20×10.5
  • PCD options: 5×100 | 5×114.3 | 6×139.7
  • Color options: Black | Black w/Machined Lip | Hyper Bronze | Hyper Gold | Hyper Red | Silver w/Machined Face & Lip | Gunmetal w/Machined Lip | White
  • Purchase link: Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-206R

Cosmis description: “Perhaps the most recognizable wheel that captures what Cosmis Racing is about is the XT206R.”

“It features a 6-spoke split wheel design with a stepped lip. It is available in many sizes.”

Best Cosmis Wheels For Drifting

When choosing the perfect wheels for drifting, we’ve seen every Cosmis Racing wheel imaginable look the part on various drift cars.

However, here are two of the most commonly chosen options from their extensive range:

Cosmis Wheels XT-006R

xt 006r 350z nissan enthusiast bc racing coilovers chrome 350z

Providing various practical and useful widths for drift car fitment alongside a massive selection of colors, it’s no surprise that the aggressive six-spoke design of the Cosmis Racing XT-006R is such a popular choice among drifters.

Cosmis Wheels XT-206R

xt 206r 1998 skyline r34 nissan base tein coilovers cosmis racing bronze

With this truly unique, stand-out design, the XT-206R is often most recognized as the face of the Cosmis Racing Wheel brand.

Featuring a six-spoke split design, alongside the usual stepped lip and concave, we do not doubt that it’ll suit a wide selection of drift, race, or stance cars.

Thank you for reading our Cosmis Wheels guide.

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