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Lowering springs are the perfect solution to improve the ride height and handling of your 350Z on a budget. Let’s take a look at the best options on the market.

350z lowering springs

In a hurry? Here is our 350z lowering springs summary

Budget Choice Drifted Choice Runner-Up Choice
Godspeed Project Traction-S 350z Lowering Springs Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 350z Lowering Springs Whiteline WSK-NIS001 350z Lowering Springs
Godspeed Project Traction-S 350z Lowering Springs Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 350z Lowering Springs Whiteline WSK-NIS001 350z Lowering Springs
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We recently launched our HUGE Ultimate 350Z Modification Guide here on Drifted, and the response from the fans has been incredible.

However, we’ve been reminded by you guys that we’ve neglected to include the perfect lowering spring setup for your Z.

Instead of making up excuses, we’ve decided to come up with the answers to your prayers with this Nissan 350Z lowering springs guide.

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers

Just about every forum or owners club will be filled with arguments as to whether coilovers or lowering springs are the best.

But, as with just about any modification, it all boils down to personal preference. So, let’s ignore the haters for the moment and take a look at what suits your needs best.

We took an in-depth look into this subject in our Coilovers Vs. Lowering Springs: Which Is Better? Guide. We even dive into air ride, and air cups to answer all of your suspension questions.

There’s no question that the 350Z looks incredible once lowered, and those of you that throw your hard-earned cash at your Fairlady, you may be looking for a cheaper alternative than coilovers.

That’s where lowering springs come into the equation.

Sure, coilovers are the ‘ultimate’ answer to most owners’ suspension needs, but they do come at a cost, especially if you’re looking for a premium setup.

Lowering springs ideal if you want to improve the aesthetics of your Z, alongside some decent handling improvements, and perhaps with the ability to retain the stock level of comfort that Nissan provided from the factory.

However, if you don’t mind spending the extra money to build the ultimate drift setup, or set lap records at the track, then our Ultimate 350z Coilover Guide is going to be the answer to your needs.

Lowering springs fit onto your existing suspension setup, and all you’ll need to do is swap the old OEM springs over with the upgraded shiny upgraded ones before you can get back to cruising the streets.

lowered skyscraper city cityscape

A coilover combines the abilities of a strut, with the damping of a shock within a single unit, instead of separate struts, mounts, and springs found on the OEM setup.

Although coilovers are undisputably more adjustable and superior for track use, they often come at a price when it comes to both cost and comfort.

For this reason, lowering springs are often the perfect solution for a daily driven Z that looks the part when cruising the streets.

If you’re considering lowering your Z, then an exhaust will provide the perfect complement to go alongside it. We’ve compared the best exhausts on the market in our Ultimate Nissan 350z Exhaust Guide.

Fitting 350Z Lowering Springs

We’ve all seen the videos of people misusing spring compressors on YouTube (we won’t terrify you with those), but it’s vital to take precautions if you’re looking to fit lowering springs yourself.

Although it’s not the most challenging task, we would recommend having a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend help you out if you’re not too familiar with a spanner.

If you’re looking to take on the job yourself, then 350Z-UK.com has created a great, straightforward guide to help you out.

Alternatively, for those of you that prefer to watch videos, you can also check out JustAnotherCarChannel’s excellent guide on YouTube.

Now that you’re confident lowering springs are the best option for your needs, let’s take a look at the best kits on the market.

Whiteline WSK-NIS001 Lowering Springs


  • Manufacturer: Whiteline
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1″
  • Rear height reduction: 1″
  • Spring rate front: Progressive
  • Spring rate rear: Progressive
  • Value for money: ?????
  • Purchase link: Discontinued

Our comment: Suspension experts Whiteline are typically known for their sway bar kits and bushes, and this lowering spring kit is an excellent addition to their 350Z lineup.

Many happy owners have opted for the Whiteline lowering springs, and been delighted with the outcome.

Specially designed for the OEM shocks, these offer progressive rate springs for maximum performance.

Although they’ll only drop the car approximately an inch, you’ll benefit from improved handling and ride stiffness and reduced body roll, but they’re not going to be ideal for those of you that are looking to slam your Z.

Whiteline offers a vast selection of suspension and handling upgrades for the 350Z, so make sure you check out the rest of their range to create the ultimate setup.

Manufacturer description:Whiteline performance springs deliver improved vehicle performance whilst maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics“.

By lowering the vehicles centre of gravity, the unique and progressive rate coil design not only improves performance but enhances overall appearance. Developed and manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials, coating and to the finest tolerances guaranteeing exact fitment“.

Tein High.Tech Lowering Springs

tein h tech

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 0.28″
  • Rear height reduction: 0.16″
  • Spring rate front: 360lbs/in
  • Spring rate rear: 370lbs/in
  • Value for money: ????
  • Purchase link: Buy your Tein High.Tech Lowering Springs here

Our comment: JDM tuning house, Tein, offers two lowering spring setups for the Nissan 350Z, first up is their H-Tech ‘Luxury Master’ springs.

High.Tech is the softer, more sensible choice of the two, with a slightly lower spring rate. They sit higher than the S-Tech, just a few millimeters lower than the stock setup.

If you’re after a minimal drop, with similar ride comfort to the OEM springs, but with the benefits that upgraded springs have to offer, then these are a fantastic choice.

Manufacturer description:TEIN High.Tech springs utilize the latest spring and material technology to optimize comfort, performance, and quality“.

Designed and tested in North America to be used in conjunction with OEM or similar shocks for excellent ride comfort and slightly increased handling. The line is produced with Vanadium (SAE9254V), which is durable, lightweight, and has properties to retain more spring stroke“.

Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs

tein s tech

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: -0.67″
  • Rear height reduction: -0.55″
  • Spring rate front: 390lbs/in
  • Spring rate rear: 400lbs/in
  • Value for money: ???
  • Purchase link: Buy your Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs here

Our comment: While the High.Tech option above is generally the choice for those looking for optimal performance; the S-Tech is the choice for those who want to go a little lower.

Known as ‘Stylish Spec,’ Tein has focused more on providing the drop, rather than perfecting the handling.

Some owners have mentioned that the spring rates aren’t high enough to deal with the drop in ride height, with High.Tech typically being the choice for those that want the best handling.

Manufacturer description:TEIN S.Tech Springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning“.

They offer a more aggressive appearance and increased road holding capability. Designed to be used with OEM or OEM replacement shocks“.

ARK GT-F Lowering Springs

ark gt f

  • Manufacturer: ARK
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 0.8″
  • Rear height reduction: 0.6″
  • Spring rate front: 4.1/7.3kg/mm (Progressive)
  • Spring rate rear: 4.3/8.5kg/mm (Progressive)
  • Value for money: ???
  • Purchase link: Buy your ARK GT-F Lowering Springs here

Our comment: ARK also brings two options to the market, with the first being their GT-F progressive lowering springs.

These are the least aggressive of the two options, providing a sensible drop all-around. These would be the superior choice for ride comfort, but not so much in the handling department.

Although these aren’t typically one of the more popular choices on the market, owners that have fitted them have been happy with the outcome.

Manufacturer description:ARK Performance brings ground-breaking finest quality spring kits that give defined comfort and balanced corner handling. To sophisticate our drivers without losing their performance results, ARK Lowering Spring offers diverse series adaptable to specific driving conditions“.

ARK GT-Series Lowering Spring designed by ARK suspension engineers and performance racers from GT series, delivers the best quality and balanced handling without ever neglecting driver’s safety or the ride quality

ARK GT-S Lowering Springs

ark gt s

  • Manufacturer: ARK
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1″
  • Rear height reduction: 1″
  • Spring rate front: 420lbs/in
  • Spring rate rear: 460lbs/in
  • Value for money: ????
  • Purchase link: Buy your ARK GT-S Lowering Springs here

Our comment: ARK’s GT-S kit is the more aggressive choice of the two setups, providing approximately a one-inch drop all-around.

Given the 1” drop, some owners may require arch rolling depending on their wheel setup.

Designed for superior handling, with less focus on ride comfort, these can be an excellent alternative for those of you that are interested in coilovers but haven’t quite got the budget.

Manufacturer description:GT-S Lowering Spring Kit by ARK Performance®. ARK Performance offers high quality lowering spring kits that provide a clean drop, comfortable ride, and greater performance“.

ARK GT-S Lowering Springs are designed to provide drivers with dramatic improvement in handling characteristics and cornering. Drivers will feel a significant increase in steering response, better cornering grip entering and exiting out of turns with reduced body roll, and a lowered center of gravity while maintaining smooth and comfortable ride quality for daily driving“.

D2 Racing Pro Series Lowering Springs

d2 racing pro series

  • Manufacturer: D2 Racing
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1.25″
  • Rear height reduction: 1.25″
  • Spring rate front: Progressive
  • Spring rate rear: Progressive
  • Value for money: ???
  • Purchase link: Buy your D2 Racing Pro Series Lowering Springs here

Our comment: With an impressive 1.25” reduction all-around, these are one of the lowest spring offerings on the market.

Despite the substantial drop, D2’s choice to opt for progressive springs helps to improve the ride comfort, but expect them to be harsher than the likes of Tein’s High.Tech springs.

With an exceptional price tag, they’re an excellent option for those of you that are looking to slam your Z but don’t expect them to be too mind-blowing in the handling department.

If you’re currently or planning on running aftermarket wheels, then you’re going to have to consider whether these are likely to cause arch rubbing due to such a drastic drop.

Manufacturer description:D2 Racing PRO Series lowering springs optimize and improve handling characteristics by offering a reduction in ride height while maintaining exceptional ride quality through the use of a progressive rate spring“.

All of our springs come with a Lifetime Warranty and are manufactured of 55 chrome silicon steel in an ISO 9001 and TUV approved facility“.

Godspeed Project Traction-S Lowering Springs

godspeed project traction s

  • Manufacturer: Godspeed
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1.2″
  • Rear height reduction: 1.4″
  • Spring rate front: 373.8lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Spring rate rear: 358.1lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Value for money: ????
  • Purchase link: Buy your Godspeed Project Traction-S Lowering Springs here

Our comment: It’s not often we review Godspeed products, as we only like to compare the best offerings on the market. But, it would appear that they’ve done an admirable job this time around.

Now, these aren’t going to be the ideal choice for everyone. But, the Traction-S kit combines the lowest price tag alongside the most substantial drop in our list.

There will be a slight sacrifice with regards to handling and comfort over some more refined alternatives, but if you’re looking for such a significant drop, then this is to be expected.

Although it provides a ‘slammed’ stance look, owners have generally been impressed by the ride comfort and handling considering provided.

Expect your Z to scrape often with this setup, and also consider arch rolling depending on your wheel sizes/offsets.

Combining all of this with Godspeed’s lifetime warranty, and we’re surprisingly impressed with this setup.

Manufacturer description:Each spring has been carefully precision tested and inspected in order to provide outstanding handling, response, control and balance throughout the suspension of your vehicle“.

These quality made performance lowering springs designed to work with OEM shocks and offer a generous drop to your vehicle while remaining at a comfortable daily ride height in order to avoid bottoming-out and clearance issues. Not only lowering your vehicle will improve vehicle handling, will also enhance overall appearance“.

H&R Sport Lowering Springs

h and r sport

Our comment: H&R is one of the most reputable brands in the suspension industry, and their 350Z kit is up to the usual standards that we’d expect from them.

These are one of the most popular offerings on the market, and quite rightly so.

They’ll provide a slightly firmer ride than standard, but they’ll make your Z feel tighter and more planted to the road.

Given the drop, you may need to consider rolling your arches depending on your wheel fitment.

An excellent all-around setup, providing a sensible drop, superior handling, and impressive comfort.

Manufacturer description:Sport Spring kits are H&R s number one selling product. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs lower the vehicle center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling“.

The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make the vehicle more streamlined and improve gas mileage. If you are only looking to improve one part of your vehicle s suspension, you cannot go wrong with installing Sport Springs“.

Swift Springs Sport Spec-R Lowering Springs


  • Manufacturer: Swift Springs
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1.18″
  • Rear height reduction: 1″
  • Spring rate front: 420lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Spring rate rear: 460lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Value for money: ?????
  • Purchase link: Buy your Swift Springs Sport Spec-R Lowering Springs here

Our comment: Swift Springs provides one of the most common lowering spring upgrades among 350Z owners.

The Spec-R springs have performance in mind, with a substantial amount of real-world R&D before release.

Many owners find this setup even more comfortable than stock, even on a daily driver, yet with a sensible drop, and far superior handling performance.

If you’re looking for an immensely well-refined all-arounder, there’s barely anything on the market that’ll compete against this kit.

Swift Springs often combine with uprated Bilstein dampers for the ultimate lowering spring performance. However, some of you would undoubtedly argue that the price takes you into the coilover region.

They may be slightly more expensive than most alternatives, but they’re well worth the price.

Manufacturer description:Swift made Sport Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the showroom, and adds improved handling and lower ride height for driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers who demand only the best. From HPDE events to SCCA competition, Swift Spec-R Sport springs are made for the track enthusiast looking to take their vehicle to the next level“.

Built for track duty, Swift Spec-R springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM shock valving. Track tested and tuned for optimum performance yet comfortable enough for a daily driver“.

Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 Lowering Springs

tanabe normal feeling nf210

  • Manufacturer: Tanabe
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1.2″
  • Rear height reduction: 1.2″
  • Spring rate front: 314lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Spring rate rear: 353lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Value for money: ?????
  • Purchase link: Buy your Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 Lowering Springs here

Our comment: Although the NF-210 isn’t the most popular choice amongst owners, those who have them are generally delighted with their setup.

NF stands for ‘Normal Feeling’, with Japanese suspension legends Tanabe aiming to maintain the comfort of the OEM suspension while providing superior handling and ride height, and Tanabe has nailed it.

Some owners claim that these provide the best handling on the market.

They may sit a little low for some people, and may perhaps cause arch rubbing with larger, wider wheels. However, with the right setup, the NF-210 is undoubtedly a serious contender.

Manufacturer description:Normal Feeling SUSTEC NF210 Normal Feeling is for those who wish to lower their vehicle, while maintaining the comfort of the stock suspension“.

The ultra light-weight, ultra durable, ultra precise 210 series springs are created through Tanabes newly developed shot-peen technology and state-of-the art German machinery“.

Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Lowering Springs

eibach pro kit

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Fitment: Nissan 350Z 2003-2008
  • Front height reduction: 1″
  • Rear height reduction: 1″
  • Spring rate front: 296/384lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Spring rate rear: 316/421lbs/in (Progressive)
  • Value for money: ????
  • Purchase link: Buy your Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Lowering Springs here

Our comment: Eibach is typically up there with the finest brands in the suspension market, but they haven’t blown enthusiasts away with their 350Z lowering springs.

Although the feedback is generally good, the common consensus is that they don’t provide a drastic improvement over the stock setup, unless mated with decent dampers.

With that said, it makes for respectable ride comfort, along with slightly improved handling and increased predictability in the twisties, but there are better alternatives out there.

Manufacturer description:The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most popular street cars. It’s our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicle´s street performance and appearance“.

Pro-Kit lowers your car´s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit is the finishing touch to a winning recipe for performance. Pro-Kit also reduces excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look just as hot as it performs“.

Our winners

Now that you have looked at all of the 350z lowering springs in our guide, let’s pin down our winners:

Our Best Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs Choice

Our 350Z Lowering Springs winner has to go to the Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 Lowering Springs.

Choosing the winner in this guide was an extremely close one to call, as there are several extremely respectable options out there on the market, and it all comes down to personal preference.

We’ve opted for the Tanabe NF-210 this time around, as we feel it ticks the most boxes, and there are many delighted owners out there that wouldn’t consider anything else.

If the NF-210 sits a little low for your liking, then the Swift Spring kit is a serious contender for the crown alongside the H&R’s.

Tanabe Normal Feeling NF210 Lowering Springs

tanabe normal feeling nf210

Our Runner-Up Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs Choice

Our Runner-Up Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs choice are the Whiteline WSK-NIS001 Lowering Springs.

Not only is this a highly-regarded, well-refined all-rounded kit at an excellent price, but it also provides the option to build the ultimate Whiteline handling set up with the other products in their handling range.

With a sensible drop of around one-inch, this will provide the perfect reduction for your daily driver, without having to worry about rubbing or scraping.

Unfortunately, these are now discontinued, so we recommend considering an alternative set of lowering springs for your Z.

Whiteline WSK-NIS001 Lowering Springs


Our Budget Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs Choice

Our Budget Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs choice are the Godspeed Project Traction-S Lowering Springs.

It’s not often that we feature Godspeed in our recommended products list, but given its bargain price tag and impressive performance, we couldn’t ignore it.

Although this setup isn’t going to be for everyone, the NF-210 is the perfect all-arounder, the Whiteline is the sensible, refined choice, and that leaves us with the Godspeed Traction-S.

If you want to slam your Z on the ground on a budget, these are going to suit you perfectly.

They’re not going to set any lap records when it comes to handling, but you’re still likely to see an improvement over the stock setup.

Godspeed Project Traction-S Lowering Springs

godspeed project traction s

Thank you for reading our Nissan 350Z Lowering Springs guide.

We feel that we’ve provided an exceptional variety for you to choose from in this guide, so sit back, take a read and decide which setup is going to be best suited for your needs.

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