Among Us Characters: A Closer Look

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Are you interested to know more about the characters that feature in Among Us, and learn a little more about the game? Join us as we take a look.

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Bluffing and Deception Games

There’s no better way to pass the time when conversations go sour than using any “game.” Even though kids and adults have different ways of having fun moments, we all agree that tabletop tools get everyone together.

With some printed cards, we might get a way to spend a couple of hours laughing and sharing good times.

For many years, the “Poker” deck of cards rarely serves its purpose. Many other card games use the same deck but have fewer troublesome rules.

As time changes, so do how we perceive the Tabletop good times. We now need games with big boards, many figurines, and complex rules. For example, Monopoly takes a little work, but you’ll learn how it plays in a couple of minutes.

Nowadays, we can find multiple genres and ways to spend time with tabletop games.

Tabletop Games about Bluffing and Deception

Unlike Monopoly, where every little detail is always available to all the players, other tabletop games tend to hide unique information. Poker always allows you to “hide” or block from view your hand to the other players.

After seeing what you have in hand, the response you share with others might give too much information. Looking disappointed after seeing the cards in from of you may tell other players that they should make an aggressive move.

Similarly, if you look confident after seeing what you can do with your cards, you will tell your opponents to play carefully.

You’ll probably follow this concept when playing tabletop games like Poker. Indeed, veteran players have different ways to change this model alone.

How does it work?

With the aid of bluffing and deception, they cue the other players that they have a dominant set of cards in hand when they are “losing.” Therefore, they might even get a couple of wins by “lying”  about their position in the game.

Following this concept, many other tabletop developers found ways to add this deceitful approach in different settings.

Instead of only hiding your hand from your opponents, you also have more important information that could give you powerful advantages.

For example, in “Werewolf,” you hide the assigned role or main objective from the other players.

Inside this tabletop game, you could be a half-man/half-wolf that wants to devour an entire village. On the other hand, you might be a surviving villager that wants to save their community from impending danger.

Taking the Genre to Another Level

What happens when you do not have a chance to be physically close to your friends or family?

The old days of Tabletop gave you no chance to play them in different rooms. As a result, many people had to move into something different that took advantage of the new technology.

Many video games took the many advantages of the Internet and built a community out of nowhere.

You can have a great time with relatives from different regions without leaving your room. You can meet new people online and learn about other cultures.

When we mix everything, we can play similar games from the Tabletop era in the video game ecosystem.

Since all the players have a different “monitor” or point of view, the game can show/hide important information from anyone. Hence, you can only see your hand in a Poker virtual game.

Moving forward, we now get the option to play more Bluffing and Deception video games and see how everything turns out.

For example, Among Us can tell you from the start what role you will play in a match. The rest is between you and the whole crew.

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Understanding Among Us

lobby among us characters

Now that you know a little more about the idea behind bluffing and deception games, understanding Among Us won’t take long.

The game becomes exciting thanks to visual cues and a way to communicate with other people (either by chat or microphone).

After you visit the video game’s lobby and everyone is ready to start a “run,” you’ll get a role that sets your main goal.

If you start as a crew member, you must play as a team, complete your tasks, and survive the journey.

On the other hand, if you start as an impostor, you’ll slowly take a crew member until no one else remains alive.

You’ll need to use many strategies to pick your targets and move the suspicion away from you.

Since we constantly play against other players (old and new), not every game plays the same.

Sometimes with a slip of the tongue, the plan goes sour, and the Impostors lose.

Also, without saying a word, the impostors might plan a good strategy and win.

Surviving Space

Even though we do not have a complete “back story,” many cues leave something that forms a narrative.

The astronauts start on a spaceship called “Skeld,” where they move through space.

In the middle of the journey, a shapeshifter parasite attacks the crew intending to kill them all.

The developers at Innersloth took both inspirations from a gathering game called “Mafia” (which is similar to Werewolf) and the movie “The Thing.”

If you have watched the movie and played the video game at least once, you’ll suddenly see the likeness.

In both cases, humankind battles against an alien that infects and takes control of other humans. One by one, everyone gets attacked when they least expect it.

After each night (or round), the crew loses hope and succumbs to the distress.

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What do you need to Play?

The development team’s main goal at Innersloth is to have a big community that helps keep Among Us alive. As a result, they “ported” (or modified) the game into other platforms and let every player join on any lobby.

Today, the video game Among Us is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), PC (through Steam and Epic), and all the current consoles.

The setup isn’t that difficult. Depending on your gaming device, you’ll need to download and create an account.

You can play as many runs as you like with friends/relatives or random people when everything is in place.

Due to the nature of the video game, you can play as a crewmember or impostor after the lobby starts the match.

How to Improve your Survival?

Either playing as a crewmember or impostor, you always need to find a way to play with your teammates.

Trust no one, and always watch all the events that mold your match. Communication is critical in any games that follow the Bluffing and Deception ruleset.

Always ask questions to all the members, and check who speaks too much or keeps themselves quiet.

No matter what happens, always keep your posture and avoid any directed attack calmly.

Even if you start losing more often, you will learn how everything goes with experience.

The more time the match goes on, people tend to make unexpected mistakes. Remember that everyone is a “sus” until all the impostors get kicked out of the stage.

Playing with Friends vs. Random People

Among Us changes a lot depending on what members participate in a match.

To secure a win, you need to master how you communicate with other players and decipher if anyone is lying. At the same time, you need to play your cards right to earn an easy victory.

If you’re playing with friends or relatives, things get more fun, and the vibe is positive. From the start, you know which players have a little problem deceiving everyone and they’ll become easy targets.

Furthermore, it becomes easier to create alliances and throw some jokes even when you lose.

Against random people, things might turn into something serious. You might find “try hard” players who want to win.

Furthermore, keep your profanity filters on all the time. You never know what type of words they could use when upset.

Still, you might get another way to meet new people.

Either way, you’ll have fun playing Among Us, and you might learn a thing or two as you suddenly understand more about human communication.

Among Us Characters

The Among Us Characters are those little astronauts that everyone plays with when they join a lobby. From the start, you’ll see a full-body spacesuit avatar moving around.

The function and the main goal to earn a victory constantly change when you’re entering a new match.

As a result, on one occasion, you’ll start as the “good guys” or living crewmembers and try to survive as much as possible.

On the other hand, you might begin as the “bad guy” and become an impostor with the only goal of killing everyone that isn’t an alien.

Depending on the starting role, you must set an excellent strategy to fool everyone and win the match.

Customizing Options

Before starting a run, you can change your character’s appearance in many ways.

First, you can transform into a different color between Pink, Orange, Cyan, Lime, Yellow, Red, Olive, etc.

It’s worth noting that the color itself doesn’t change any unique attributes of your player.

Secondly, you can add many customizing items and make your character a little more attractive.

For example, you can find visor cosmetics, hats, pets, and skins. The Mira Cosmicube from the shop will help you unlock different items for free.

Indeed, you can use your wallet and add more customizing items for your character through microtransactions.

Among Us Crewmates

crewmate among us characters

If your character gets the crewmate role, you’re one of the survivors. To win the match, you have two ways to win the game.

First, you need to survive the journey by completing all the tasks. You’ll see multiple indicators that lead you to mini-games that everyone needs to end.

Another way to win in Among Us is when all the imposters get kicked out of the map. If all the crewmembers figure out who are the bad guys, they need to vote accordingly in a meeting to eject them from the map.


Like the crewmates, the Impostor has two ways to win a match. You and the other Impostor characters will have their names in red letters and get the option to use vents to move around quickly.

The most common way to earn a victory is when you reduce the number of crewmates until they match (or have fewer than) the impostor players.

You can remove the “good guys” by making them leave, killing them, or deceiving the other players to eject one of their own.

When you become a master devious player, you will know how to confuse everyone and make more mistakes.

The other way to achieve a victory is by creating sabotage that the crewmates cannot fix on time.


You’ll remain in the game as a ghost when kicked out of the match (by either dying or being ejected).

In this form, you can move freely around the map but cannot communicate with the remaining players or participate in a vote.

Furthermore, you can still help your team in different ways. As a post-crew member, you can complete tasks and hopefully get them all.

In contrast, you still get to create chaos and sabotage as a ghost impostor.

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In the game, you’ll get to see functions such as:

  • Shapeshifter
  • Guardian Angel
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Sheriff

death among us characters

Among Us Characters FAQ

In this section, we’re covering some of the commonly asked Among Us questions:

What are the characters in Among Us?

There are 12 characters in the game, each of which has a unique color. The complete list includes the following:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Who is the Main Character in Among Us?

You. The character you use is the same (visually), but the goal changes depending on your assigned group.

What are the Different Roles in the Video Game Among Us?

You can find the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Scientist inside this video game.

How Can I Play as an Impostor?

There’s no way to control whether you become an Impostor or crewmember. It is always random.

What Does “Sus” Mean in the Video Game Among Us?

It is the quick way to write suspicious or suspect. Many players type this to reduce the time writing their messages.

How Many Players Do I Need to Play in a Private Lobby?

You can start the game with three players (with one impostor) and up to 12 (with three impostors).

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